Ice Packs

Ice Packs

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The ice packs are GENEGLACE systems designed and assembled by INESA. They are independent and complete units, equipped with a GENEGLACE generator, a condensing unit and a control panel, ready to operate as soon as they are connected to water and power supplies. Ice packs have a high production capacity due to the optimum combination of the ice generator with the condensing unit.



The ice packs have been designed to operate in difficult climatic conditions and by using specific equipment (protected capacitors, remote capacitors, etc.), they can be adapted to installation conditions of each place.

The packs offer numerous advantages:

  • Great flexibility: they can be used in ambient temperature ranging from +5 to +40 ºC
  • Reliable and designed to last: each pack is assembled and tested in factory
  • Minimal installation: quick and easy on-site installation



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