The flake ice


The ice is a fundamental partner in the manufacturing and maintenance process of countless products. When it melts, it enables to cool a product and to restore its natural moisture level.
Nevertheless, each kind of ice has its own qualities and characteristics.

In INESA, we have been studied the ice properties for more than 30 years in order to offer the best option according to the concrete need.

The crushed ice, granular o shell ice are perfect for keeping fresh delicate products, while the liquid ice is perfect for product quick pre-cooling or as refrigerant fluid.

Furthermore, there are other kind as the tube ice, block ice, plate ice, etc…

However, our company has focused all its efforts and specialization on flake ice, due to the fact that is the kind of ice mainly required by the agri-food industry and in industrial processes.


Flake ice temperature and specific form give to him its own characteristics that any other kind of ices don´t have. This fact offer extra benefits to many food and industrial processes.

Substantial cooling power

Flake ice provide better results because is produced approximately at -6 ºC, as it is a subcooled product. It means that the latent heat, the principle source of the cooling energy, is 100% available.

Rapid cooling

Flake ice is the most efficient and economic choice for its excellent cooling capacity, due to the fact that it provides more than 5.200 m² of cooling surface / ice tn, working fare more effectively than any other ice.

Besides this, it is a fast and homogeneous cooling thanks to its surface thermal exchange, maintaining a reduced thickness (from 1.5 to 3 mm).

Flake ice has approximately four times more cooling power than cold water, and it is easy to handle.

The flat and thin structure of flake ice allows itself to smelt in a quick and homogeneous way, without leaving residues.

As they are light, flat and without sharp edges, flakes wrap the product without damaging it, and allow to cool it in a quick way.

Easy of handling and storage

Flake ice is a dry ice to the touch. This quality is fundamental because thanks to that, flakes remain separate and do not stick together.

It is a product easy to store and handle, being suitable for cold storage chambers in negative temperature, due to the fact that the final product out from generator does not contain frozen water as other kinds of ice. Flakes can be stored at low temperature without losing quality, as they don’t form blocks. The ice will maintain its appearance as a just manufactured product.