Aggregates cooling for cold water

Aggregates cooling for cold water

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When low concrete temperatures ≤ 16 ºC are required at the outlet of the mixer, a technique used in cooling of the aggregates by flooding in silos or in isolated conveyor belts flooded with cold sprayed water.



The technique of flooding the aggregates in silos using chilled water at 1 ºC or 2 ºC, allows to cool the aggregates from 4 ºC to 6 ºC in an interval of 2 – 20 minutes depending on their size. Aggregates are loaded, flooded, cooled and drained. Drainage water containing sand and mud sediments must pass through a setting system before recirculating it to the cold water cooling plant.

Our cooling plants are equipped with “falling film“ evaporators in stainless steel AISI-304 that allows to cool the water to 1 ºC without freezing problems and they are also easy to clean externally.

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